About Us

Our Story

Clay essentials, was founded by Sneh Pagrani , simply out of her love for nature and conscious living.

A few years back, when essential oils weren’t very commercially sold and not so heavily promoted, she used to source them with some difficulty for personal use at home. It just was then that the idea of having natural extracts of flowers and leaves in a bottle, very intriguing. The use of essential oils in aromatherapy is now gaining its momentum.
Aromatherapy is the practice of using natural, plant-based oils to enhance beauty, psychological and physical wellbeing in our day to day lives. There are wide number of oils available, each with its own magical healing properties.

Hence, Clay Essentials was born, putting focus on products made from clean ingredients in small batches, that are safe, cruelty-free and ethically sourced.

About Clay Essentials

Welcome to the world of ancient healing infused with modern day knowledge and usability. Clay essentials is a wellness brand based in India, offering simple ingredient products, made in small batches. Born with the mindset of becoming a medium between nature and the user, our motto is to connect with the audience and make them aware of sustainable alternatives using aromatherapy. There will always be cheaper alternatives to sustainable products but impact of buying 10 units per year vs 3 units per year is greater. It is about increasing perceived value.

We source from the origin, where the traditional craft of botanical extraction is used to create our healing, non-toxic, earth-kind products and pack them in their most natural form without any kind of dilution. It’s about consuming mindfully, that makes the earth happy, making sure the raw materials are picked consciously also ensuring that the farmers & workers are paid fairly.

At Clay essentials we don’t just sell, but also put a lot of “soul” to create awareness on the importance of using sustainably sourced, eco-friendly, organic and most importantly, effective products that help soothe senses and provide mindful and holistic healing.

We also understand people need help with gifting. We make gifting beautiful by making it thoughtful and personal.