About Us

Clay essentials is an aromatherapy focused online shop based on a foundation of offering earth friendly products straight from their source of origin to the user. It brings together curated products that make a house a sustainable home. 
Providing affordable access to wholesome, safe and toxic-free aromatherapy and wellness options is our way of sharing the passion for nature with others.
Aromatherapy is a wellness practice of using natural, plant-based oils to enhance beauty, psychological and physical wellbeing in our day to day lives. There are wide number of essential and carrier oils available, each with its own magical healing properties.
We strive in putting focus on selling products made from clean ingredients in small batches, that are safe, cruelty-free and ethically sourced.

Our Philosophy


We believe that the art of wellness is about choosing simple products, with simple ingredients, to help manage the daily moments in our lives. 

Our Mission

At Clay essentials we don’t just sell, but also put a lot of “soul” to create awareness on the importance of using sustainably sourced, eco-friendly, organic and most importantly, effective products that help soothe senses and provide mindful and alternative holistic healing.